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Policies & Ordering FAQs

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Policies & Ordering FAQs


Please review the below terms and conditions thoroughly before placing your order. By placing your order, you are agreeing to all of the below terms and conditions.

How does the wedding collection work?

Browse the collection and choose the suite that best fits your aesthetic vision. You can order each piece in your suite and any add-on services such as envelope addressing a la carte. After you place your order and submit your wording, a digital proof will be sent to you within 5-7 business days to approve.

One revision round is included with initial pricing. This covers minor text changes and one calligraphy rewrite. We ask that you carefully review your proof for any typos, spelling errors, and other inaccuracies prior to giving your final approval.

If you approve incorrect text in the final proof (misspellings, spacing error, etc), we will not be held responsible. All orders must be reviewed within 48 hours of delivery. If within 48 hours of delivery, and at my sole discretion, reasonable requests for revision will be considered. If you discover an error after printing has taken place, you will have to pay for the full cost of the reprint as well as a $100 setup fee. If the prints you received do not match the approved proof, we will reprint all affected items free of charge. However, such requests must be made within 48 hours of delivery.

If more than one revision round is required, a fee will apply of $50 per invitation piece proof (Ex. If additional revisions are requested for the invite and reply card, a $100 fee will apply per proof. If a revision is requested for just the invite card, a $50 fee will apply per proof). Any additional proofs will also result in an additional turnaround time of two business days per proof.

After you give final approval of your proofs, your invitations will be sent to press. We cannot make additional revisions once your pieces have been approved for printing and is in production.

After final approval, please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for digital flat printing, 6-7 weeks for letterpress or foil press printing, and an additional 1-2 weeks for envelope addressing and any other add-ons if applicable. 

All orders except samples will ship via USPS Priority mail.


Is it possible to rush my order or expedite my order processing?

Rush orders are taken on a case-by-case basis.  Please email us before submitting your order. Depending on your estimated due date, we will let you know if your desired date is possible or not. If it is, we will charge a rush fee depending on how close the estimate due date is. Rush orders incur a fee of 30% of your order total. 

Will my save the dates and/or invitation suites come assembled?

No, assembly is not included with your purchase but can be added on as a service at additional cost. This helps us keep costs down for you!


Do you offer letterpress and/or foil press printing with your collection? 

Yes, letterpress and foil press printing are available with select suites. You can indicate your printing method preference and see all pricing directly through each listing.


Can I customize the typeface, calligraphy style, color, and/or design and/or illustration of a particular design?

All collection suites come with a unique palette of typefaces, calligraphy styles, and colors that I've curated for you based on the design. If none of the options in the palette fits your aesthetic vision, you can submit a custom request here, but a design fee and extra turnaround time will apply. 

Overall design template and graphic elements come as is and are not customizable. 

Can I customize the number of pieces I order?

The collection is priced in increments of 25 to streamline the pricing and production process. Customized quantities are not available at this time, so we recommend rounding up the quantity you need.

In general, it is a good rule of thumb to count addresses rather than individuals, since invitations are typically mailed to households. Now add 15-20 extra invitations to give yourself room for last minute invites, any you might misplace or damage, and keepsakes to have photographed along with your other day-of details.

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of invitations I can order?

Yes, our order minimum for invitation is 25. The maximum quantity you can order online is 200, but we happily take larger orders. Please email us at for a custom quote and bulk discount.

I already submitted my order but need more invitations. What should I do? 

Please email us right away and let us know. If your invitations have already been sent to press, a set-up fee of $100 and additional production time will be added to your order.

I don't need as many invitations anymore. Can I change my order?

We are unable to reduce the quantity of the invitations once you've placed your order. Please make sure that you order the right amount of invitations before you check out.

Color and print Disclaimer

We strive to represent the colors shown on our website and your digital proofs as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the printed color will be identical to the color on your screen. Please note that due to a variety of monitor settings, the colors of your items as seen on your monitor may slightly vary from the actual printed color.

Since we cannot guarantee that your screen will accurately display the colors, we recommend that you order a sample prior to placing your order. If your final order is $1,500+, the cost of the sample pack will be deducted from your total.

Our curated paper color offerings help to simplify the ordering process, but it is important to consider that our various paper types will have slightly different tones. Especially with our Arturo deckled paper and handmade cotton rag paper, there may be slight variations in texture and shade based on the pulp batch the sheets were created from.

Policy on returns, exchanges, and cancellations

Refunds & exchanges—

Due to the customized nature of your order, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Especially with handlettering, it is common for there to be variances in the spacing, size, and style of letters. As calligraphy is an art, no two handwritten pieces can be identical. All sales are final. All orders must be reviewed within 48 hours of delivery. If within 48 hours of delivery, and at our sole discretion, reasonable requests for revision will be considered.

Orders with spelling, spacing, address, or other such mistakes that were present on the proofs approved by the Client are not our responsibility. Client may request a reprint, but we have sole discretion to approve or deny the request. If the reprint request is approved, the full cost of the reprint and a setup fee ($100) will be covered by the client. If the prints Client received do not match the approved proof, we will reprint all affected items free of charge. If there is an error in on our end (ex. wording on the prints you received do not match the approved proof), we will do our best to remedy the situation. Usually, we will either provide a reprint or a credit for the misprint, depending on the invitation mailing schedule. However, such requests must be made within 48 hours of delivery.

We pack all of our stationery orders with utmost care to ensure your paper arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition. However, we cannot accept full responsibility if your items are damaged in the mail. Once we release the package to a third-party mail carrier, we also relinquish liability for the shipping and handling of the package. We are unable to refund money on a purchase that is lost, damaged, etc. in transit to the Client. Please make sure to input the correct shipping address.


In order to meet our turnaround promises, we get started on the proof for your order as soon as it is submitted.

Therefore, orders can be cancelled only within ONE business day of purchase. If you cancel your order after receiving a preliminary proof but before your items are sent to press, only 75% of your total purchase price will be refunded, with a maximum cancellation fee of $150. 

Orders cancelled after I have begun the printing/production process will not be refunded. 

Intellectual Property 

Your purchase is not a work-for-hire and contains proprietary material that is owned by, or licensed to Ettie Kim LLC. This material may include, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance, text, images, and graphics (including the HTML code used to generate it). You may not use this product, or any part of it, for commercial purposes. Ettie Kim LLC must authorize use by any party other than you. You may not copy the purchased item nor allow others to copy it. All copyright, trademarks, design rights and other intellectual property (registered and unregistered) shall remain vested in Ettie Kim LLC.


All website prices are subject to change without notice. We do everything we can to ensure prices are accurate, but if a listed item is purchased at an incorrect price, we retain the right to cancel and refund the purchase.