Bespoke Invitations Questionnaire

We are excited to work with you on your custom invitations! To help us give you a more accurate estimate on your quote, please fill out and submit the form below.

Name *
How many invitations will you need? My recommended formula for coming up with an estimate: 1. Count households, not number of guests 2. Add 25-30 extra to that number to put aside for keepsakes (and day-of photography) and to account for situations when you need to resend invitations and send out last-minute invites.
Invitation Suite Pieces *
Please note that all envelopes come with return address printing only. Guest addressing (printed or handwritten calligraphy) will cost extra.
Return address printing (on outer envelope and reply envelopes) is included with all suites. Would you like to add guest address printing or calligraphy?
Printing Type *
Select all types you are interested in.
If you are interested in metallic foil printing, choose the color you are interested in below
Calligraphy/Typography Preference *
You can have your invitations in all type, a mix of type and spot handwritten calligraphy, or in all calligraphy. Please indicate your preference(s) below.
Templates *
I have a selection of pre-designed invitation suites that we can draw inspiration from or use as a template. You can check them out here: Please select any and all suites you are interested in. Using a template will bring design costs down.
Paper Type *
Please choose any and all paper preferences.
Are you interested in corresponding day-of paper goods?
Please include any additional information you think will be helpful as I calculate your quote.