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the katherine suite

A minimal suite featuring clean type and intentional negative space. Available digitally printed, letterpressed, or foil pressed on card stock.

As this is a semi-custom suite, the overall design layout and format are fixed, but wording, calligraphy, and color palette can be tailored to your special day.

modern-korean-american-wedding-katrina-kim-photography-los-angeles-california-ca-picture-013.jpg Minimal Typography Save the Date.jpg

Katherine Save the Date

from 80.00
Katherine Invitation Card modern-korean-american-wedding-katrina-kim-photography-los-angeles-california-ca-picture-009.jpg

Katherine Invitation Card

from 50.00
modern-korean-american-wedding-katrina-kim-photography-los-angeles-california-ca-picture-005.jpg modern-korean-american-wedding-katrina-kim-photography-los-angeles-california-ca-picture-014.jpg

Katherine Reply Card

from 25.00
Katherine-8.jpg Katherine-7.jpg

Katherine Info Card

from 25.00
Katherine-9.jpg Katherine-10.jpg

Katherine Address Printing (Outer Envelope)

from 81.00
Katherine-17.jpg Katherine-18.jpg

Katherine Address Printing (Reply Envelope)

from 48.00
CustomVenueListing.jpg PastVenueSketches.jpg

Custom Venue Sketch (Digital File)