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the ophelia suite

An classic suite that features custom calligraphy of couple's names and venue and a clean serif typeface. Printed on your choice of card stock or deckled paper.

As this is a semi-custom suite, the overall design layout and format are fixed, but wording, calligraphy, color palette, and paper stock can be tailored to your special day.

Ophelia Save the Date Photo Jul 26, 5 58 50 PM.jpg

Ophelia Save the Date

from 110.00
Ophelia Invitation Card Photo Jul 26, 6 07 14 PM.jpg

Ophelia Invitation Card

from 125.00
Photo Jul 26, 5 59 29 PM.jpg Photo Jul 26, 6 02 59 PM.jpg

Ophelia Calligraphy Reply Card

from 75.00
Ophelia Minimal Reply Card Photo Jul 26, 6 06 18 PM.jpg

Ophelia Minimal Reply Card

from 75.00
Photo Jul 26, 5 58 21 PM.jpg Photo Jul 26, 5 58 32 PM.jpg

Ophelia Info Card

from 75.00
Ophelia-8.jpg MonolinePointedPen.jpg

Ophelia Calligraphy (Outer Envelope)

from 99.00
Ophelia Address Printing (Outer Envelope) Photo Jul 26, 6 00 46 PM.jpg

Ophelia Address Printing (Outer Envelope)

from 139.00
Photo Jul 26, 5 57 50 PM.jpg Photo Jul 26, 5 49 19 PM.jpg

Ophelia Address Printing (Reply Envelope)

from 92.00
Ophelia Name Cards (Pointed Pen) Place Card Calligraphy Philadelphia-2.jpg

Ophelia Name Cards (Pointed Pen)

from 52.00
Ophelia Name Cards (Monoline) ettie kim place cards-2.jpg

Ophelia Name Cards (Monoline)

from 40.00

Ophelia Calligraphy Ink Add-On

minimal wedding program minimal typography wedding program

Ophelia Programs (Flat)

from 40.00
OpheliaProgramBooklet.jpg Program-Inside.png

Ophelia Programs (Folded)

from 95.00
Program Spot Calligraphy Add-On

Program Spot Calligraphy Add-On

Menu.jpg Menu-2.jpg

Ophelia Menus

from 35.00
CustomVenueListing.jpg PastVenueSketches.jpg

Custom Venue Sketch (Digital File)

LeafyBranches_Scattered.jpg LeafyBranches_Closeup.jpg

Branches Monogram Postage Stamps

from 23.50
Crest_Scattered.jpg Crest_Closeup.jpg

Botanical Crest Monogram Postage Stamps

from 23.50
SeparateLeaves_Mockup.jpg SeparateLeaves_Mockup2.jpg

Branches Postage Stamps

from 23.50