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Suggested Timeline & Other Tips


Suggested Stationery Timeline

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When to mail save the dates

Standard Mailing: 6-9 months before wedding

Destination Wedding: 8-12 months before wedding

when to mail invitations

Standard Mailing: 2 months before wedding

Destination Wedding: 3-4 months before wedding

Suggested RSVP date

Standard Mailing: 1 month before wedding

Destination Wedding: 2 months before wedding


Postage & Mailing Tips

Post office handling

To make sure your invitations arrive looking their best, it is recommended that you have your invitations hand-cancelled. Hand-cancelling is a process where a postal worker stamps your envelopes by hand to zero out the postage rather than running the envelopes through a machine. This is usually reserved for square, thick, or irregular envelopes and requires additional postage. Unfortunately, not all post offices are willing to hand-cancel. Small suburban post offices are usually your best bet and it's a good idea to call ahead of time and ask if the service is available and if so, their preferred time of day.


Please be sure to check in with the post office you will be mailing from and have them weigh and test a complete invitation to avoid them being returned to you (and possibly ruined with a large stamp or sticker) due to insufficient postage.

Corresponding postage is available for your wedding collection invitations in our Zazzle shop.