Ettie Kim

Website Design Questionnaire


Preliminary website design questionnaire

Exact name of company as you'd like it to appear on the site, including abbreviations such as LLC, Inc., etc
What is the existing domain (if any) for your website?
What motivated you to decide on a website (re)design? Please be as specific as possible!
How would you describe the general demographic of the visitors/customers to your site? Think about geography, age group, ethnic group, etc.
If so, explain below.
When someone's searching for your business/organization, which words/phrases will they use in their keyword search? The more terms you can come up with the better!
Logo *
If you have an existing business/organization logo, please email all high-res files for it to for my records.
Website Typography *
Do you have a preference for serif versus sans serif typefaces?
Do you have a specific color palette in mind for your website? We recommend keeping the main text font a darker neutral color and incorporating a pop of color if desired on accent text. If you don't have a preference and would like us to take the reigns, just let us know!
If you ordered spot calligraphy, please list the exact wording you'd like in spot calligraphy and the applications the calligraphy will be used for. This will help us ensure the scale and legibility of the calligraphy once applied to your website.
How many pages (can be estimate) will you need on your website? It's helpful to think about how you'd like your navigation bar to look and how you'd want to organize all the content on your site.
Please type out below how you would like your webpages titled (we can always add more pages and/or subpages as necessary, so no need to sweat the details!).
I ask that the content for your webpages be sent to me through one Google doc if possible, but a Word doc is fine too. Please send to I ask that all content be organized clearly under the title for each webpage so I know what goes where! Please include placeholders for where you'd like videos or photos to go within the doc by putting the image file name in brackets. Example: [ProfileHeadShot.jpeg] Please send all high-res assets (photos and videos) that will be included on the website separately to Please organize all photos and videos by the webpage it will appear on and then zip each grouping under the name of the webpage.
If you are adding a web shop, please explain how you'd like to organize your shop.
If you have any existing websites that you are inspired by, please link them below.