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envelope calligraphy faqs

Envelope Addressing Guide & FAQs

What are my next steps?

  1. After I receive your order, I will reach out to you with a guest address template for you to fill out and send back to me. I do not accept guest lists in any other format.

  2. Submit your guest addresses in the exact format (titles, punctuation, abbreviations, etc) you'd like them on your envelopes.
  3. Please make sure to proofread and have a second (or third) eye look over your guest list before submission!


What does the listing price cover?

The listed prices cover the service of envelope addressing only and does not include cost of envelopes, invitation assembly, etc.


What's your turnaround time?

Ordering envelope addressing will add 1-2 weeks to the turnaround time of your stationery order. Rush orders are available for an additional fee of $50. Please contact me separately at if you need to rush your order.


What are my ink color options?

Your ink color options are predetermined based on your suite choice. I've personally curated the ink color options to ensure cohesiveness throughout your suite, so ink customization is not available at this time. 


How many envelopes should I order?

I recommend that you order at least 10% more envelopes (& addressing services) than your invitations in case of guest list revisions or additions.


What if I have to make a few last minute changes to the guest list?

Any additions or revisions due to typos (or otherwise) to the guest list will incur a $20 setup fee per round of revisions, in addition to the cost of the calligraphy. The fee will be billed to you through a separate invoice and must be paid before I release the finished envelopes to you. 


Are you able to print addresses on darker envelopes?

I can letter on all envelopes, but address printing is only available on light-colored envelopes.


Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Due to the custom nature of my work, I do not offer refunds or exchanges on any envelope addressing orders. With hand lettering, it is common for there to be variances in the spacing, size, and style of letters. As calligraphy is an art, no two handwritten pieces can be identical. The same applies to color variances. There will inevitably be slight variations between the colors of the printed product and the color as represented on your display screen. Envelope orders must be reviewed within 48 hours of delivery. If within 48 hours of delivery, and at my sole discretion, reasonable requests for revision will be considered. Any errors made on my end I will happily fix at no charge.