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The sophia suite


The Sophia suite combines one of our favorite crisp typefaces with leafy accents illustrated in a vintage style. 

As this is a semi-custom suite, the overall design layout and format are fixed, but wording, calligraphy, color palette, and paper stock can be tailored to your special day.

Sophia-16.jpg Sophia-2.jpg

Sophia Save the Date Postcard

from 45.00
Sophia Invitation Card Sophia-14.jpg

Sophia Invitation Card

from 50.00
Sophia Reply Card Sophia-6.jpg

Sophia Reply Card

from 25.00
Sophia Info Card Sophia-15.jpg

Sophia Info Card

from 25.00
Sophia Wrap-Around Address Labels SophiaMailingLabels.jpg

Sophia Wrap-Around Address Labels

from 80.00
SophiaMailingLabels-5.jpg SophiaMailingLabels-6.jpg

Sophia Reply Address Labels

from 69.00
vintagegreenerystamp.jpg vintagegreenerystamp2.jpg

Sophia Postage Stamps

from 23.50
Sophia-7.jpg Sophia.jpg

Sophia Envelope Liners

from 30.00
Sophia-8.jpg Sophia-8.jpg

Sophia Menus

from 30.00
Botanical Thank You Cards.jpg Botanical Thank You Cards-2.jpg

Sophia Thank You Card

from 72.00