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Choose between two hand-drawn crests to adorn the top of your suite. You can add a monogram inside each crest (letters of your first names or your new last name) or leave the design as an open crest. The design and layout of the suite will remain the same as pictured, but each piece will be personalized with your unique details.


Heather Crest (Digital File)

Heather Crest (Digital File)


In response to popular demand, we have made our crests available as digital files.

Each crest comes with couple's first initials or initial of couple's new last name. After you submit your order, we will email you the digital files of your crest within 2-3 business days. You will receive your crest as vector and high-res .png files. A vector file is infinitely scaleable and is perfect for large-scale signage and engraved, letterpressed, or foil-stamped pieces.

Past customers have used these handy crests in a wide variety of applications, including their wedding website, thank you cards, day-of Snapchat filter, ceremony backdrop, wedding program, foil-stamped napkins, and more.

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