What is your name? *
What is your name?
What type of logo are you looking for? *
For photographers or others with longer company names, I recommend choosing the mix of calligraphy & type option. For instance, if your business name is "Jane Austen Photography," then "Jane Austen" would be in calligraphy and "photography" in type underneath.
If you chose the mix and calligraphy & type option, please select which type of font your prefer.
What color would you like your final logo to be? *
You may choose more than one color.
Please list all possibilities that come to mind.
Think about what hidden desires and feelings that you want to invoke in your customers/clients when they interact with your product or business.
Is there a specific script and/or type (ideally from my own work) that you've seen that you'd like used in your logo? Please include below a link to a Pinterest board of inspiration images. You can also email the images to me at if you prefer.