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Kauai | Hawaii Itinerary


days one - two

Pali Ke Kua (aka Hideaway Beach)—

Pali Ke Kua was a great place to get our fins wet as beginner snorkelers! Crystal clear, calm water made for excellent visibility underwater. Faithful to its name, the beach is nice and secluded thanks to the steep and muddy hike required to reach it, so wear sturdy, closed toe shoes and you should be just fine if you’re in reasonably good shape. Being a hideaway beach and all, there are no amenities so plan accordingly!

2019-08-02 11.30.18-1.jpg

Underwater photos taken using our GoPro


Hanalei Bread Company—

Solid coffee, matcha lattes, and bread!

Hanalei Bay—

2019-08-01 18.57.37-1.jpg
Views frm our va
2019-08-01 19.15.06.jpg

Hanalei Bay Pizzeria—

I was not expecting to find excellent pizza in Kauai of all places, but I’m not complaining. Pizza is made from scratch, so be prepared to wait (approx. 45 minutes during peak times).



day three

Queens Bath—

Come for the tide pool, stay for the sea turtles. Queens Bath is officially closed indefinitely, so go at your own risk.

Photo Aug 03, 10 10 40 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 03, 9 44 59 AM.jpg

Kauai Coffee Plantation—

Largest coffee farm in the U.S.! A variety of tours offered, all of which end with a free sampling room of all of their current roasts.

2019-08-04 14.28.14.jpg
2019-08-04 14.01.12-2.jpg


day four

Nā Pali Raft Tour with Blue Dolphin Charters—

We chose the raft tour over the cruise because we wanted to see as much of the Nā Pali coast as possible and go inside the sea caves (only rafts can squeeze into them). Definitely an adventure but so worth it! Make sure to pack motion sickness meds, sunscreen, and a hat with a chin strap!

2019-08-05 10.28.27-2.jpg
2019-08-05 10.35.03-2.jpg
2019-08-05 10.01.48.jpg

I’m wearing a North Face hat, Raybans, and a Uniqlo linen shirt. L’s wearing a Denali sun shirt and shades from Warby Parker.

Makai Sushi—

Amazing poke located inside Kukuiula Market.

Anake’s Juice Bar—

Best acai bowls we had in Hawaii! Also located inside Kukuiula Market but at the back of the store.



day five

We took it easy on our last day in Kauai, spending most of the day at our resort lounging.

Koloa Landing Resort—

2019-07-29 10.07.53.jpg
2019-07-29 10.43.56.jpg
2019-08-06 19.18.41.jpg

Aloha Roastery—

Probably the best coffee we had while in Hawaii. A good cup of joe was a lot harder to find than we thought it would be.

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